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10 years of partnership...

I made a tiny fanart with Jensen´s quote from that bromantic J2 interview :-D

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Jared Design

Cafepress set ALL my SPN designs to pending status. I somehow knew this would happen, I did all crap myself and didn´t violate copyrights. But it always gets to this and I never sell crap. Oh well.
Since it´s all gone, I thought I´d post the latest Jared Design here, along with a few icon goods.

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I have a Cafepress Shop up. Visit meee? *bats lashes without real flirt skills at you*

I´m adding more stuffs over the week. But quite a few of the recent J2 stamps are already up there as stickers, bags and such.

Baby!J2 and Jensen Stamp

A few more. I wanna do Fic-genre stamps next :-)

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I also signed up as an artist for the SamnDean Minibang. Wish me luck that it works out for this MB this time. <3

J2 and Jensen Stamp Design

I did a few more designs on J2 stamps, have a look.

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J2 Stamps

2 more J2 stamp designs :-D Plus icons, please credit, if you grab them <3

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Quotes Illustrations

J2 Quotes with an Illustrator mess :-)

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Love Meme


full meme | my thread

J2 / Sam and Dean Stamps

I messed with Illustrator and made a few stamps for our boys. Check them out in high resolution here and if you want to, you can get them as LJ icons as well. Please don´t forget the credits then.

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Signed up as a pod-artist for Cakehole Club´s Cakebang and was so lucky to get a podfic read by eosrose. I adore her sweet reading voice and pronunciation a lot. It was a pleasure to be able to listen to the draft - and then dabble with various cover-layouts.

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Go grab "The Blue Butterfly" podfic by eosrose at her journal. Or read the original fic by ashtraythief.