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Summer Friending Meme over at J2aDay



Happy Sammy Xmas

Happy xmassy Season with red-cheeked eggnogg Sammy :-)

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I just have to share this one here, since it is such a heart-warming, sweet and so brotherly story. It warmed my heart a lot and I love it so much...

Originally posted by colls at Bittersweet for glovered
Title: Bittersweet
Fandom: Supernatural
Author: on_verra
Reader: colls
Length/size: (37:05min 18MB)
Characters/pairing: Sam/Dean, PG-13
Download Links:
mediafire: mp3 m4b
also available on DW | AO3
Author's Summary: Some things should stay deep beneath the surface.
Reader's Notes: made for glovered ♥ This doesn't exactly fit your prompts, but contains elements I think you typically enjoy in stories (gencest, UST, angst, edge of hopeful, etc) and hovers close to a few of your prompts. In any case, I hope you like the story!!
It's set in season 2, so also has a bit of a nostalgic feel to it. Thank you, on_verra!

Podfic Big Bang Art: One Small Step

I made some podfic Art for eosrose´s PodficBigBang "One Small Step", written by sandymg :-D

Check out the Cover:

Alternate Version with Jared only:

...and listen! :-D

Photo-Credit: Planet earth with sun rising from space by ipopba

SD Minibang Art-Post: The Second Sunrise

Yay, this year it finally worked for me to artistically participate in the SamnDean Minibang Challenge and I had the luck to pick a wonderfully classy Bro fic by jalu2: The second Sunrise.

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So go and read the story now. :-D

SPN / J2 Advent Calendar 2014

Hey dears,

I wanna plan an online calendar for our fandom this year...
24 windows of opportunities. Including: Fanart, Quotes, Fanfic, Dedications, Praise....whatever you want to express.

I´d be glad if you wanna become a part of the work. I´m gonna make a website of it and blog / tweet / facebook about it. Please let me know via a private message until the end of October, sweets. :-)

Tiny Kudos to all Writers!

A little Thank You to all you talented Fic Writers out there, who made and still make a lot of my evenings, reading, laughing, crying and swooning over wonderful stories. <3

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9 years of SPN Anniversary Graphic

9 years...of friendship, support, colleagues, work, plots. And they´re still going. Congrats to the dears! Also congrats of capturing people like me into this fandom for years...this fandom is the most intense I have experienced so far.

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